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Interested in joining The Friends?

Although the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was not created solely to benefit genealogists, we genealogists definitely DO benefit from the holdings of this agency, whose mission is to preserve and make accessible documents related to our nation’s history.  However, the funding for this and other branches of NARA is limited and subject to change.

A  group known as the Friends of NARA Pittsfield was created in 1994 to support the work of this facility.  Through membership fees, sales of goods, donations, and an annual full-day conference held in September, (2010 is Saturday, September 18, at the Williams Inn in Williamstown)  the Friends raise funds which are used to increase the holdings of the Pittsfield branch.  Among the things provided by the Friends are subscriptions to various periodicals, books purchased at the recommendation of Jean Nudd, films not paid for by NARA, online access to NEHGS, membership in various other organizations, two annual parties to honor our volunteers, and the quarterly publication of our newsletter, Archival Anecdotes, which has twice been recognized by the National Genealogical Society for its excellence.

At home you can access many sites, some free and many at subscription rates.  But you will find yourself spending many hours “shooting in the dark” and walking in circles. Here, you have expert assistance that will keep you focused and will guide you through the maze.  Formulating your next research step is another task a volunteer can help with. The available subscription sites accessible here for FREE would cost you $700 to purchase at home!

So, we’re asking you to consider becoming a Friend of NARA Pittsfield and help us continue to support genealogists who come here in search of their families. Membership dollars are our main income and there is power in numbers.  The more members we have, the more we can accomplish.

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